It's time to make music you're proud of.

It's time to play flute on your own terms.

How Do Skype Flute Lessons Work?

  • Personalised lesson notes after each and every lesson
  • Personalised musical recordings made just for you
  • Personalised online folder where we share notes,  scores + audio files so you can easily chart your progress
  • Deepen your musicality
  • Expand your influences
  • Nourish your creativity
  • Refresh your enthusiasm
  • Refine your technique
  • Find joy in your playing again
  • A computer/laptop/tablet/
    i-pad/i-phone or smartphone
  • A webcam / video camera 
  • Speakers or headphones

3. The Outcome

1. What You Need

2. What You Get

It took me a while to figure out that any so called ‘traditional’, ‘classical’ flute career wouldn’t work for me as an artist.

Not that I always knew that.

For example, I was 26 before I could finally admit to myself that I would not be fulfilled if I were the principal flautist of the Berlin Philharmonic.

That preparing for big international flute competitions just weren’t my cuppa tea. That my own big musical answers did not come from the latest flute guru, but were always there, grandly waiting within myself. In other words, I am here as a result of finding 1,000 artistic ways that didn’t work first.

Doin’ it differently: Instead of a formal concert hall, well, I’d also love to play for you in a relaxed intimate setting, where you are close. I want you to feel free to clap between movements, sing along, and get up and dance if it strikes you– whether I am playing a Prokofiev sonata or Piazzolla’s tango.

I have learned in my 25 years of playing I don’t really like playing the same song the same way twice, and rarely follow any musical score to the ‘T’– if at all.

Is it a bit radical for a ‘classically’ trained player? 

Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. I just know it’s my artistic way.

About Dr. Jessica Quiñones

To support our work together, I bring:

 Three flute performance degrees (Bmus, Mmus, Phd)

Experience giving flute masterclasses, lecture recitals and workshops at universities around the globe

Deep knowledge of Performance having given 75+ professional flute recitals myself

Knowledge of a wide variety of styles 

A specialism in Latin American musical styles and their related improvisation

 17+ years of teaching flute full-time

A sincere love + passion for what I do

“I have been having  Skype flute lessons with Jessica for over a year now. I live in Australia and having Skype has given me the opportunity to seek out a teacher anywhere in the world, that really offers what I’m looking for and also offers the flexibility to work around my unpredictable  working hours.  The Skype interaction works very well re quality of sound. My teacher student experience with Jessica continues to be a truly wonderful experience. She is so professional on so many levels and at the same time I feel like I have made a lifelong friend. She uses an online account where she stores all my lesson notes and links to the recourses she provides. In this way I have at my fingertips a chronological record of our progress and access to the recourses I’m using wherever I am. She is a very creative teacher and responds to my learning needs and also the creative direction I am taking my music. She is very encouraging, positive and has such a passion for flute playing. She is very clear in her instructions and suggestions yet always gentle in her approach. Its a great pleasure studying with her and I really recommend her as  a teacher.”

– Kate J. Andrews, Australia

“Lessons with Jessica are very clear, and enjoyable. Her teaching approach is in direct response to me as an individual. The practice she suggests helps me in exploring in and around the parts of my playing that challenge me. Her teaching approach is dynamic. She is a real pleasure to interact with. I am not good at speaking English, but there is no problem in having a lesson with Jessica. She is really amazing tutor and is very responsible. I can surely say Jessica is the best! This is relative to other off line class teachers, too.
I can do everything with Jessica there was no limits, nothing was impossible with her. I will never forget this since I have learned not only playing the flute but also gained lessons about responsibility and attitude from her.”

—Ran Park, Singapore

“Jessica is a dear teacher who unearthed a deeply buried dream in me. She reminded me of a folk artist I had greatly enjoyed years ago but had felt unable to appreciate because the repertoire was supposedly less legitimate than the standard Western repertoire. But Jessica showed me that genres outside the classical realm are not relegated to second rate musicians. She also affirmed that my current skill set is valid, even if it is not as extensive compared to that of my colleagues’. My time with Jessica was very special! I worked with her for a few months over Skype, and I sincerely hope to meet her in person some day.’

– Charity Distad, USA

— Liz Allen, Ireland

“Jessica’s Skype lessons have greatly helped me renew my childhood passion to study the flute. Her Skype lessons are always very enjoyable and she gives me great encouragement and confidence to improve. Skype is a great platform for studying the flute. Jessica is able to see and hear everything from tone to technique all from my i-Pad! Skype lessons have provided me with an option to study the flute without having to leave my home, which suits me and my young family. Jessica has been very flexible towards my busy schedule and has always been accommodating to slot Skype lessons in to suit my own availability. Her teaching is always focused towards my needs, adding new repertoire and concepts each lesson to assist my personnel development and to achieve my own goals. Jessica is always well prepared for our Skype lessons and she has always been very punctual.” 

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